My name is Bianca and I am a Criminology and Psychology student..
I  have always been fascinated with  true crime, crime documentaries, crime novels, crime fiction (Agatha Christie) and everything related to crime. As a result, I went on and studied Criminology and Psychology at University.

I know that almost all of us are fascinated with crime, especially with the TV Shows, movies and books and I came with the idea of creating a website for just that. As most of us know, these sources are often unrealistic or the technical details are not accurate, hence he idea behind this website is to give you a real insight into the minds of different types of criminals, crimes and what is considered to be a crime.
My aim is to write fun, accurate and educative articles about the  Criminology, Victimology, and the Forensic Psychology of the killers we’ve heard of, from Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Arthur Northcross to Son of Sam and about the ones that are not that popular. Moreover, I will take an academic approach and provide various philosophies and theories regarding crime, the origin of criminal behaviour, different types of criminal conduct, feminist perspectives and the emergence of new policies regarding crime throughout the history.
My articles will always be backed up by empirical research and references will be provided for each article.

Please feel free to send emails or leave comments in the comment section if you are interested in a particular kind of murderer, murder cases and so on.
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I am hoping to be able to post and article at least once a week.

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy your reading!


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