My name is Bianca and I have recently became a mum to a beautiful baby girl, named Ava May. I have also been married to the most wonderful man since February 2019. I am 28 years old Romanian, living in the UK. I have graduated Criminology and Psychology in 2021  and I am currently studying towards getting my masters degree in Criminal Investigation. As a job, I have been working with victims of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery for the past two years along with doing multiple volunteering roles for organisations such as Crime Stoppers UK, Journey to Justice and Azalea Luton. Now, whilst I am on maternity leave, I have decided to share my life and passions with the world and to finally start writing, which is my biggest passion of them all.
I  have always been fascinated with  true crime, crime documentaries, crime novels, crime fiction (Agatha Christie) and everything related to crime. I am also an avid reader and writer of fiction and love to share my passion for books and art with other people. I have multiple hobbies and for years I have been trying to choose a niche for my blog, but could not make my mind up. Therefore, I have chosen to create a one mom fits them all type of blog (hence the name) where I will be sharing all of my passions and speak about my motherhood journey, marriage, fashion and all the other things that bring me joy in life.

My aim is to write fun, accurate and educative articles about all the subjects mentioned above and provide my personal experience and perspective.

Please feel free to send emails or leave comments in the comment section if you are interested in a particular subject or themes that you would like me to write about.
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I am hoping to be able to post and article at least once a week.

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy your reading!


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